Carbohydrates affect your Blood Sugar much faster than proteins or fats and so play a large role in in pushing your Blood Sugar too high –  this is why its important to control your Carb intake

There are three main types of Carbohydrates

  • Starchy Foods such as Bread Pasta, Rice, Potatoes, Yams Cereals and couscous
  • Sugars:
    • Naturally Occurring Sugars found on fruits (Called Fructose and some Dairy Foods (Lactose)
    • Added Sugars: Found in Sweets, Chocolates, sugary Drinks, and Desserts – and often added to other foods as well!
  • Fibre- These you cant digest
    • Insoluble Fibre: Wholemeal Bread, Brown Rice, Wholegrain cereal these help keep the digestive system healthy