Good Afternoon Members,

So i had the long awaited meeting with the Qatar Diabetes Association and it was very interesting!.

They are doing excellent work and i believe all our members can benefit.

Firstly all their services are free of charge to everyone, both Expats and Qatari’s.

  • Diabetes and dietetic education and support
  • Foot clinic
  • Retinal camera
  • Healthy Kitchen
  • Insulin pump support and education
  • Onsite Male and female Gym for QDA members (There is a QAR100 charge for this)

They also have an onsite Pharmacy with heavily discounted prices on both machines and test strips! – see pictures below.

The Blood Testing Machines are only free for Qataris but they have very good discounts on the machines – much cheaper than anywhere else in Qatar. There is a scheme to assist low paid workers to get one – please PM me privately for more information.

Diabetes and dietetic education and support – they are friendly and are happy to help explain Diabetes and answer all your questions!

They offer the following:

  • Foot Clinic – I highly recommend getting your feet checked as they will be able to refer you correctly for treatment or support.
  • Healthy Kitchen – Excellent advice on how to eat correctly
  • Retinal Camera- they can check your eyes and make sure they are not effected by Diabetes (you can lose your vision with Diabetes!)

I hope to be working closely with them in future and I highly recommend that you visit them – I know I will be!

Lets beat Diabetes together!