With the current Covid pandemic, World Diabetes Day 202o was a very different event from most years.

However thanks to both Lulu Hypermarkets and the Marriott Marquis, who we partnered with,it was a very successful day.

We have worked closely with both Lulu’s and the Marriott in the preceding months, not only for World Diabetes day but also on an ongoing basis.
Lulu’s has a wide selection of Diabetic friendly products available in all their stores and the Marriott offers Diabetic options on most of their food menu’s.

In addition Lulu Hypermarkets launched a number of specials offers to assist Diabetics and put on displays throughout their stores in Qatar to promote Diabetes awareness.

Alongside the Marriott Marquis team we assisted in doing an inhouse testing campaign to help identify those at risk… well over 100 test were conducted in a safe and sterile environment.

We also thank Zentech IT Solutions and ITQ for the donation of both time and testing equipment to help make this day a success